… of spoken or written texts concerning yoga

You may find many good books about yoga nowadays—most of them are written in english. It is much more comfortable to concentrate on such specific themes like philosophy and anatomy when they are written in your native tongue. Few of the german translations strike the right note to communicate the given meaning and beauty of its original.

Even if you cannot make a one-to-one translation, the challenge of creating an appropriate german version of written or spoken language is to mediate the essence and color of the words by keeping its issues.

This is my profession and my passion. I am happy to connect my knowledge as a designer with my love to yoga and yoga philosophics.

I translated and produced the following books:

  • The gift of Womanhood, Guru Rattana – Die Gabe Frau zu sein
  • Anusara Immersion Manual – Handbuch zur Vertiefung von Anusara Yoga
  • Anusara Teacher Training Manual – Anusara Lehrer Handbuch
  • Yoga Philosophy posts of Hareesh (by courtesy of Christopher D. Wallis)