… of texts about Yoga

There are really good books about Yoga—many of them in English. It is much more comfortable to immerse in such specific and deep themes like philosophy and anatomy in your native language. However it is quite challenging to strike the right note in translating the given meaning and beauty of the original while keeping its flavour.

I am currently working with Hajo Normann on the translation of »Tantra Illuminated« by Hareesh Christopher Wallis. It is a great honor and pleasure for me to be able to translate this great work into my language. May it find its way into the world, serve the truth, be successful, and bring everyone who wants to deal with it a little further on the path. The book will be published by O.W.Barth in 2023. 22/23 Nicole Konrad and I offer a free lecture series in German with topics from the book.

Yoga is my profession and my passion. I am happy to combine my knowledge as a designer with my passion for language and my deep love for Yoga and Yoga philosophics.

I translated and produced the following publications into german: